More than one way to build a Champion

In sports today teams are assembled to put fans in the stands. Other teams are assembled to win championships. Most teams are assembled to make the big shot owners millions and millions of dollars as a considerable tax write-off. But as of late the sports world has been looking to symbolize greatness. Greatness not only through players but through teams which spreads around cities to create a genuine love throughout those local communities. After the “Big 3” (Dwayne Wade, Lebron James, and Chris Bosh) in Miami was assembled a dynasty was born as they won two championships back-to-back. Now as time progresses other teams are looking to scout the best possible talent on one team to win a championship. The New York Yankees practically give away millions every season to perennial All-Stars to build the “perfect team”. But haven’t won the World Series since 2009 proving that loading up on talent doesn’t always guarantee championship success. What’s not mentioned is the chemistry and bonding needed to be established by teams in order to mesh in their respective sports. The first year the “Big 3” was put together they didn’t mesh well together due to clashing egos and lack of leadership on the team. They did make the finals that year only to lose to the Dallas Mavericks but gained an understanding and appreciation for the team’s style of play as a unit and as individuals. This understanding allowed the Miami Heat to ultimately win the NBA Finals the next two years consecutively. Although, chemistry plays a major role in champions so do the fans. In 2013, the Boston Red Sox were sluggish at best and were seemingly out of playoff contention in everyone’s mind. Then suddenly came the Boston Marathon Bombings which caused an uproar but led to a city gathering around their native team. This love and remorse that flooded the city of Boston was overcast by spectacular play from the Red Sox. The Sox used this massacre to bring a city together through sports and the fans supported a team that reeled their way into the playoffs. In those playoffs the heavy-hearted Boston faithful were just reluctant to make it in but with high fan support and support from the nation the Sox pulled off a miracle to win the 2014 World Series. This goes to show you that support and chemistry are just a couple of things that lead to the building of a champion not just athletes and payroll.


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