Another Heat Defeat

During the 1st three quarters, the Miami Heat played unstoppable defense getting steals, contesting shots, rebounding, blocking shots and I love how they guarded both Kemba Walker and Al Jefferson. Mario Chalmers had eight points, four rebounds & four assists, he did a great job of guarding Kemba Walker and he had a great overall night on offense. Dwayne Wade had 17 points, three rebounds, six assists, a steal & a block. He’s doing different things on the floor to help us win and I love to see that. Forget the scoring, he did a great job of setting his teammates up on offense and on defense as he contested shots and got a block and steal. Lebron James had 30 points, ten rebounds, six assists & two steals. From the start of this game he was engaged on both ends of the court. He was everywhere and I’m happy he’s making his free throws. Udonis Haslem had four points, four rebounds, an assist, a steal & a block; he played hard tonight especially on defense when he guarde Al Jefferson. Chris Bosh eight points, four rebounds,  three assists & a block, just like Wade, Chris Bosh was active tonight and he did other things to help us win forget the scoring, on defense he was always around contesting shots, getting rebounds, a block shot and settintg his teammates up on offense. Norris Cole finished with eight points, three rebounds, two assists & a block, I love how he’s been playing these last three games. Just because they’re up 3-0 it doesn’t mean anything we still gotta take care of business. 


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