Game One: Charlotte Bobcats vs. Miami Heat

This series for the Heat isn’t gonna be easy if you’re thinking we’re sweeping the Bobcats you have another thing coming. The Heat came out flat taking jumpshot after jumpshot not attacking to the rim and no ball movement, but after a while they started to play championship basketball. They will live with Al Jefferson in the paint because they’re contesting his shots most of the time he made some tough shots today. Yes, he got injured a little bit but that doesn’t mean anything he still gonna play hard regardless and we have to notice that. They can’t live with Charlotte getting layups in the paint, wide open jumpshots and three-pointers they had some of those today and we have to fix that also we can’t come out flat at the start of the game like they did today and have a 12-point lead in the 2nd quarter and let it slip away they have to continue and build on it. This Bobcats team isn’t going away easily they have to just continue to play our game on both ends of the court we can’t slack. Mario Chalmers had seven points, three rebounds, two assists & a steal, he had an overall decent game today but I want to see more of him especially staying in front of Kemba Walker on defense. Dwayne Wade 23 points, one rebound, five assists & a steal, he played awesome today. His jumpshot was on, his attack to the rim was vintage and his playmaking skills were efficient. Lebron James finished with 27 points, nine rebounds & an assists. I loved how he stopped taking jumpshots and attacked the rim in the post and got to the free-throw line. Udonis Haslem had two points, three rebounds & one block. He did a good job guarding Jefferson on defense. Chris Bosh had 13 points, four rebounds, two steals & a block. He played good today but I want to see him be more aggressive on offense stop taking threes and shoot that mid-range jumpshot or attack the rim and get to the free-throw line and had way to much today but overall he was active on both ends. Norris Cole had seven points, one rebound & two assists, it was nice seeing him make his jumpshots today. They’re going to need those during this playoff run. Ray Allen had just two rebounds, two assists & a steal. He didn’t score today but he did other tings to help us win. James Jones had 12 points, three rebounds & an assist, he needs to be their 2013 Mike Miller coming off the bench. Jones played great today shooting the three, getting layups and I loved how he played defense contesting shots and getting rebounds. This series isn’t over they still have work to do since they made some mistakes today and they have to fix them but good win today for Game One, day off tomorrow, Tuesday/practice and they’re back at it for Game 2 in South Beach, lets go Heat!!!!!


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