UCONN’s the Team to Beat

After watching the NCAA Final Four Semifinal between #8 UCONN Huskies vs. #1 Florida Gators I enjoyed a show of triumph and determination. UCONN mustered up the courage and will to win; proving they wanted a chance at a national championship more than the Florida Gators. In the beginning the Huskies seemed overwhelmed by the size advantage of the Gators on defense not able to get off a shot. The Gators took advantage early on the offensive side of the ball going on a 16-4 run. After the Huskies caught their footing and got adjusted realizing the lanes were closed they began attacking from deep. This strategy proved effective as they scored 12 points in 25 seconds to reduce the lead to one. Once the lead was taken the Huskies gained momentum and never looked back as they won the game 63-53 with ease. With their impressive win against the top-ranked Gators the Huskies are favored to beat the Kentucky Wildcats Monday night in the NCAA National Championship.


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