It amazes me how everyone wants to be apart of greatness, but is never around when greatness is being built. Funny how “fans” rally when a team is winning, but they’re nowhere to be found when a team is losing. Now let’s speak on Miami fans this year alone. The Dolphins go 3-0 you can’t find a seat in SunLife Stadium for Game 4. They go 3-1 the fan participation begins to dwindle. 3-2 the fans begin to question the moves made in the offseason. 3-3 the fans grow skeptical of Coach Philbin’s future in Miami. 4-3 the fans are no longer buying tickets, but instead watching from home. 4-4 the stadium is practically empty. That’s what I call “Show Me Fans,” the fans that expect greatness all the time with no let up. Alabama head football coach, Nick Saban, was even quoted for stating the fans were “spoiled'” after his blowout victory a few weeks ago the home crowd began to leave the stands before the 4th quarter even started. This proves that though there are some true fans out there, most just come along for the ride upon the bandwagon.


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